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Monday, February 19, 2007

The view from the car

A few posts ago, the 905er asked what art related things you do during the winter.

This past weekend 905 options included the Brampton Indie Arts Festival and a Photographing your Artwork Workshop at the Art Gallery of Mississauga.

905 artist Zan, has been doing plein air from his car. He wants suggestions for interesting locations.

What suggestions do you have for Zan? Or any art related suggestions to get through the remainder of this winter?

Comfortable yet respectable
from Martha Eleen's Into the 905: The View from the Car


Blackwood Gallery said...

Unfortunately I'm not yet familiar enough with the 905 to offer Zan suggestions, but I do want to say that I went to the BIAF and it was AWESOME!! What a thrill driving past the Bramalea City Centre, too ;-) I went there often in m'youth. Hey! there's an idea for Zan -- The Bram!

ZanBarrage said...

Geez! Thanks! I was sort of thinking of something more interesting than a mall seeing how we are trying to tell the world that the 905ers are not boring! Hey! is that coffen still around at the Blackwood!?!>!>

Blackwood Gallery said...

I was kidding about the mall as per the ";-)"

I grew up about 20 min away from Brampton. When I was a pre-teen, going to the Bramalea City Centre was like going to the big, big city. It was the closest thing to "civilization" I knew, and by that, I mean consumable sub-culture a la HMV and the booth near the food court that sold band t-shirts and jewelry imported from mexico. Ha ha!

Yes! the coffin is still at BWG... Unterspiel runs until Feb 25. I hope you can check it out, if you haven't already =-)


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