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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Call for Submissions - Hot Box project

November 10th, 2009 will be the 30th anniversary of the Mississauga train derailment and evacuation. I'm collaborating with groups and the people of the community to create exhibitions in memory of this event. The Hot Box project is inviting the people to submit their memories of the Train derailment and evacuation of 240,000 residents.
-Sonja Hidas

Call for Submissions:

The “Hot Box” project is a community art project currently accepting submissions for a 2009 exhibition. Please forward memories of the Mississauga train derailment and evacuation of November 1979. All media are accepted (letters, Photographs, objects…). Please included contact information.
Deliver or mail your entry to:
Heritage Mississauga c/o Hot Box
1921 Dundas Street West
Mississauga Ontario L5K 1R2

or email us at

Green Youth Showcase!

Get into the "limelight" and submit your work for the

Are you a young visual artist who wants to effect positive change? Are you a spoken-word
artist with a message to share about the quality of the air we breathe and pollution in our city?
The Mississauga Arts Council is now accepting applications from artists between the ages of
13 and 24 to participate in the Green Youth Showcase. The event is an evening of visual and
performing arts exploring environmental awareness in Mississauga.

Formally known as the Mississauga Youth Arts Showcase, this dynamic event has been
presented annually for the past seven years by the Mayor's Youth Advisory Committee in
collaboration with the Mississauga Arts Council. The Green Youth Showcase takes place on
Thursday, May 7, 2009 at the Clarke Hall in Port Credit. The event kicks off with a visual art
exhibition at 7 p.m. followed by a performing arts showcase at 8 p.m.

Ingrid Gardiner, Development Director of the Mississauga Arts Council believes the Green
Showcase is a great opportunity for youth to express their feelings about the environment and
transportation options in the future. “Linking visual art with an environmental message is not
just subliminal. Youth’s vision can convert good intentions into real action. We can change our
choices: - we can use our cars less, we can carpool and we can use our bikes more often.
Together we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The art display will tap into how youth
feel about their local environment, how it affects their future and how they can send a positive
message to their fellow citizens.”

Submissions for the showcase must be dropped off at the Mississauga Arts Council office by
Friday, April 17, 2009 at 4 p.m. For application forms and additional information, please visit or call 905-615-4278.

Media Contact: Heather Brissenden, Communications Officer
Mississauga Arts Council
Tel: 905-615-4212 Fax: 905-615-4171

Download the application from the website here

Friday, March 13, 2009

Canadian Conference of the Arts

What is the Canadian Conference of the Arts?
The Canadian Conference of the Arts (CCA) is the national forum for the arts and cultural community in Canada. It provides research, analysis and consultations on public policies affecting the arts and the Canadian cultural institutions and industries. The CCA fosters informed public debate on policy issues and seeks to advance the cultural rights of Canadians.

What have they been up to?
Conference of the Arts is pleased to announce the National Cultural Strategy Workshop – a Chalmers Event and the CCA Awards Ceremony to be held in Ottawa on March 12, 2009.
Against the backdrop of recent cuts to arts and cultural programs, an election campaign where the arts and culture featured as a key national issue, and an international crisis the Canadian economy in jeopardy, this Workshop will present an opportunity to address some of the short-term and long-term challenges now facing the sector.

Following an extensive nation-wide consultation with the arts and cultural sector, the CCA’s National Director, Alain Pineau, will present a Report on the CCA Regional Forums. The report will inform this National Cultural Strategy Workshop so that our sector may begin mapping out the path to achieving our goals.

Anne L’Ecuyer, of Americans for the Arts (AFTA), will share the experiences of the American arts community as it moved from disarray to a strong, coherent, and effective national political voice. She will then conduct a workshop systematizing a five-stage approach to gaining consensus and strategies to help move the sector into a coordinated future direction.

After completing the strategy workshop, the CCA will invite participants to celebrate the artistic achievements of the sector by attending the evening CCA Awards Ceremony. The most notable award is the DiplĂ´me d’honneur, first presented in 1954 to Vincent Massey in recognition for his work on developing Canada’s fledgling arts policies. Past recipients include such noted Canadians as Joe Fafard, Bluma Appel, and renowned Canadian author, Roch Carrier. The second award to be presented is the Keith Kelly Award for Cultural Leadership, named after a past National Director of the CCA who distinguished himself as a strong advocate for the arts in Canada.

Read a re-cap, (live blogged at the time of the Workshop) and make your comments here

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