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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Art & science meet at the Art Gallery of Mississauga

nichola feldman-kiss:\mean body
Art Gallery of Mississauga
March 27 to May 11, 2008
Opening reception Thursday, March 27, 2008

nichola feldman-kiss
the chimaera set (2005-2006)
digital transparency, light box
105 x 105 x 20 cm

Nichola Feldman-Kiss refers to this mean body project as an "expanded performance of self-portraiture". It is a melding of traditional explorations of the figure with scientific research on the human shape…in this case her own toned physique.

After training to obtain her desired body image Feldman-Kiss posed for a three-dimensional whole body scan. The resulting database consists of eighty-two three-dimensional data sets.

These data sets were used to create representations of her body in a variety of media. The mean body project includes a video animation, a large grid of ink-jet prints, a group of plastic rapid-prototype sculptures, four back-lit transparencies, a very large professionally bound book of data, several small bronze sculptures and a contract licensing research rights to the data.

Also included in this exhibition are large scale contour drawings generated from this same data.

This exhibition, although routed in the technology used to generate the various components, draws reference to past traditions of self portraiture and previous scientific efforts to determine standardized body-shapes through more rudimentary body measurement data.

It further explores how minor changes in the data can result in unfamiliar and almost eerie images barely recognizable as the human form. Kim Sawchuk, author of the text for the accompanying catalogue, refers to these components as uncanny. Her in-depth analysis of this mean body project touches on social and cultural issues associated with body type and the stereo typical images of the female form, of gender and power.

As Feldman-Kiss herself notes, "I am interested in how the body has been measured historically, creatively, scientifically, anthropologically and how value has been attributed because of differences."

Monday, March 24, 2008

Mississauga Film Series

In February, Director and Mississauga native Richie Mehta joined us at the AMC Courtney Park to screen and discuss his award winning film Amal.

Those in attendance were treated to a Q & A with the Director, Producers and members of the cast.

Come out and be a part of the Mississauga Film Series which gives everyone a chance to view films specially selected from the Toronto International Film Festival's Film Circut.

Wednesday, March 26th, 7pm
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
Director: Julian Schnabel, France, 2007
Language: French with English subtitles

Winner of the 2007 Cannes Film Festival, this beautiful adaptation of Jean-Dominique Bauby's memoir is an affecting, revelatory tribute.

Once a successful fashion editor and carefree womanizer, Bauby awoke one day to find himself a prisoner of his own body. Paralysed by a massive stroke his muscles were rendered powerless other than the movement of his left eyelid. His nurses develop an ingenious, if exhausting, method of communication to assist him in painstakingly completing a record of his life.
For more information or to reserve seating please contact Suzanne Carte-Blanchenot at

Film Series Tickets: available in advance at the Galleries, UTM Student Union or the evening of the screening from 6:30pm at the AMC Courtney Park

Admission: AGM Members/Students/Seniors: $10.00General Admission: $12.00Series Pass: $30.00 (4 film package)

Screening Location: AMC Courtney Park, 110 Courtney Park Dr. Mississauga, ON L5T 2Y3, Hwy 10 and the 401

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