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Monday, January 29, 2007

Write - Cause - Reaction

Have you heard of Cause Reaction?

Cause Reaction is an online magazine featuring the latest and greatest of art and culture in Mississauga.

Okay, well... striving to feature the latest. Cause Reaction is in need of writers in touch with the activities, happenings and news-from-the-ground in Mississauga.

From Cause Reaction:

"What Mississauga lacks in many critical departments, such as public transit, late-night restaurants and adequate media, it makes up for in its people. Creatives, thinkers and people looking to have fun abound in this city, with artists, writers, photographers, filmmakers, actors and musicians bursting at the city’s limits.

It is the goal of Cause Reaction to support this growing community by providing like-minded individuals with the information they need to stay abreast and get involved. While this is the primary objective of the site, it is also important to promote dialogue about important Mississauga issues and to inspire residents to try things they never thought were possible in the city.
If you have any suggestions on how we can make Cause Reaction better, please email us at"

I know you have something to say! Write for Cause Reaction! To become involved contact

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