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Monday, October 23, 2006

My City

A few things to appreciate about Mississauga:

1. It's generally a clean city.

2. There's a system of nature trails woven in among the streets, neighborhoods and subdivisions. Now is the time to enjoy the gorgeous fall foliage while you walk, jog or bike the trails.

3. It's an extremely culturally diverse place.

4. Parking is most often free and easy.

Something to consider, I hear that only 20% of eligible voters in Mississauga exercise this right. Monday November 13, 2006 is Municipal Election Day. What will you do?
Need more information about voting in Mississauga?

George Hunter
Mississauga-Sawmill Creek in Autumn, 1982
colour photograph
33 x 43 cm
Collection of the Art Gallery of Mississauga
Donated by Patricia Stevenson, 2004

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