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Friday, September 08, 2006

Where in the 905 is art?

Hello, are you out there? Please send word!
Where in the 905 (area code for suburbia, regions west of Toronto) have you found art, especially visual art? What's happening here, in the suburb which seems to be defined by it's location west of Toronto?

Is there an art community in Mississauga?
Hoping to hear from you...
Sincerely, The 905er


Anonymous said...

The art is definitely out there. And there are a lot of artists. Want to hear of a real success story? Then check out Beaux- Arts Brampton on Main St. in Brampton. I was in from the beginning, when with just with a lot of elbow grease,imagination and vision a small group of artists and their family with support from the city via the arts council created a hopping centre with a large workshop, gallery and 10 artists studios. Shows are diverse, and although sometimes inconsistant in quality are always worth a visit for their passion. More than one artists career, including mine, has been kickstarted by involvement with Beaux-Arts Brampton. Not a bad testimony for a centre not quite 5 years old. Just west of Brampton, on the east side of Georgetown is Glen Williams. This uniquely quaint and historic village in a true glen, is home to many artists and artisans.As well the privately owned Williams Mill Visual Arts Centre, newly granted non profit status, is open home to the studios/galleries of over THIRTY full time artists. One of Canada's top glass blowers, Andy Kunz, is there, so is painter Jim Reid. Printer Marg Peters, and sculptors Mary Ellen Farrow,and Eileen Millen who both took scuplture prizes at the past VAM Juried Show in the Mississauga Art Gallery. I live in Mississauga and yet I have found it worthwhile to make the journey daily to work in a studio first at Beaux-Arts Brampton and then at the Williams Mill Visual Arts Centre. These are just the tip of the art for discovery in the 905 area, one just as to be willing to drive to find it. But here is a suggested question for Mississauga artist: As Canada's 6th largest city, where is our centre with affordable studios and gallery to sell our emeging stars work? Christine Montague

Anonymous said...

I used to live in Mississauga and there was no youthful or forward thinking art community.

This juried show was stuck at a certain level. No photography, video, installation etc.

The art awards recognized what i'd call hobbyists in visual arts anyways.

It all seems to be geared towards hobbists like clubs for past times.

I don't live there anymore, has it changed? I don't really hear about happenings in Mississauga except for some openings. Not much buzz.

Visual Arts Brampton said...

For a bit more succinct of a sell-promotion, as Christine indulged in, a better success story than Beaux-Arts is Visual Arts Brampton.

VAB's studio is open six days a week for adults, and offers membership for $35 a year, instead of the $200 they charge. Our primary exhibit space is in a highly-traveled entrance to Shoppers World, offering much greater exposure to artists than the other group's gallery. While a nice space, you have to make a point to go there, as despite increased activity, the downtown certainly isn't as hopping as it could be. Bring art to the people is a much better route, in our opinion. Our exhibits are free to enter in, as well, which is a bonus.

Anyway, the VAB blog is a good place to find out how active we are in the community... or the main site is

Nick Moreau

Visual Arts Brampton said...

Oh, I should mention that, except for a matching grant in 1989 and a Trillium grant in 2003, a couple hundred dollars from the Arts Council in 2007, and some small corporate sponsorships for Artway, we've been entirely self-sustaining since we started, in 1986.


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