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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

What about drawing?

With the expansion of methods and materials, including new technologies used as art mediums, how do you feel about good old fashioned drawing?

Drawing continues to be accessable to everyone. The popularity of zines and d.i.y. culture seems to have contributed to a resurgance of interest in drawing. Can we credit the Royal Art Lodge for renewing interest in drawing?

Artist at Work, Art Gallery of Mississauga
The public are invited to view artist,
Aleks Bartosik create a drawing on the Gallery wall:
Thursday, September 21 beginning at 12:30 pm.
Friday, September 22 from around 2-3pm
Saturday, September 24 from around 1-3pm
Sunday, September 24 from around 1-3pm
Tuesday, September 26 from around 1-3pm
This work will be part of the exhibition Dancing to the Invisible Piper: Canadian Contemporary Figurative Art on view until October 29.


mangoe peeler said...

aleks' performance is tranquility.
-the myriad of eraser bits, screeching sound of charcoal, dirty bare feet, simple white dress, cute little stool, the banging of the tall ladder and ambient noise/silence from outside-----------------------yum.
big drawings on walls, mmmmmm, so hot right now.

thank you rob for bringing such great art to the city, especially within the last year.

Anonymous said...

I love your art! Very inspirational! I am greatly looking forward to checking out the show when I am back in town.

All the best in your future indevours!

yijinNg said...

good show phoenix escorts


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